Master Self-Acceptance With Lizzy Land’s Anne Boleyn-Inspired Single “Losing My Head”

For everyone who are about to literally/figuratively lose their heads

Photo: Ryan Marshall Lawhon

Accepting the consequences of our actions generally sucks and we find ways to procrastinate it. LA-based artist Lizzy Land reminds us the importance of accepting what it is and who you are in her latest single “Losing My Head.” The track is largely inspired by Anne Boleyn, who ended up accepting her beheading fate as it is. Instead of driving yourself crazy, listen to Lizzy’s latest banger and just accept everything as it is:

“‘Losing My Head’ began as a nod to Anne Boleyn’s story and how, despite her fate, she bravely accepted the consequences of her circumstances,” explained Lizzy. “It’s easy to channel anger towards the things you can’t control, but I’ve come to understand the peace that comes with accepting those fates.”

The track is from Lizzy’s new EP intro music plays, which is out now:

The gal will be celebrating the release of her EP at the end of this month, so go see her:

6/27 – The Lyric (Los Angeles, CA, USA)