Uppermost & Juani Join Their House Mojo In New Single “Pure”

And it’s flawless

Photo: Courtesy of The Playground PR

French producers Uppermost and Juani join their stylistic mojo in new single “Pure” – a house euphoria made of shuddering synths and basslines that bounce through all your emotional pressure points. If you’re looking for a mind-expanding, adrenalin booster then “Pure” is your melodic shortcut. Stream below:

Speaking of the collaboration, Juani shared, “My idea for this track was to keep it pretty minimalist and let the melody tell the story through the song. After finishing the main idea, I sent it to Uppermost and he added a lot of magic to the track with his well-known signature sound. Working with Uppermost on this track is a huge achievement for me, like a dream coming to reality. I pumped Uppermost’s music in my headphones every single day during high school, and I still cannot believe that we are releasing this track together.”

“Pure” is out now via Uppermost’s own label Uppwind Records.