Green Buzzard Nails Our Autophobia In “I Don’t Want To Be Alone”

Indie pop

Photo: Courtesy of Kartel PR

Sydney artist Green Buzzard speaks to our autophobia in his latest piece “I Don’t Want To Be Alone” – a breakup song that captures the stage of denial we cling onto as our final attempt to avoid loneliness. The song is a whispery, breathy track that has a delicate balance between stretchy choruses and singsong introspections. There is a sense of mourning that winds the strings as the quiet moodiness is embedded within the sweet passages that exude nostalgia. Stream below:

“Essentially the track is about breaking up with someone and weighing up whether or not it’s worth trying to fix things – knowing deep down it’s ultimately better to move on but selfishly not wanting to be alone.” shared Green Buzzard.

Paddy Harrowsmith is the mastermind behind Green Buzzard who is currently working on new music. Stay tuned.