Meet Jame – The Cold Pizza/Nacho Lover Who Makes Delightful Synthpop

Jame without an ‘s’

Photo: Jame Facebook

There’s a lot of things that are controversial regarding LA-based artist Jame – first of all, his moniker is ‘Jame’ without ‘s’ at the end. You have to stop yourself towards the end so you don’t mis-slip your tongue with the absent ‘s’ at the end. Also, this dude likes cold pizza. Cold. This is not an LA thing – yes, it gets hot out here. But not enough to pass on melting cheese through your esophagus. And while we’re still emotionally confused in regards to Jame, his music is clearly a rad one. His debut single “Bye” is posh electropop that swells with big synths and samples that possess the commercial hook of mainstream pop, yet there are small stylistic shifts that gives it subtle indie inflections. Enjoy:

Jame attended Berklee College of Music for only two years before dropping out and moving to California to pursue music. Since then, he has never looked back and is out there somewhere in LA making music. If you see him IRL, give him pizza. Cold.