Plastic Picnic’s “After You” Is 80s Pop Ode For The Road Not Taken

Deviations are good

Photo: ​​​​​​​Bronson Snelling

Brooklyn-based quartet Plastic Picnic celebrates deviations we make in our life paths in new single “After You.” As children, we’re taught to follow a linear path of attending college, getting a steady job, raising a family, and retiring in Florida. Many of us end up taking that path, but some of us deviate and end up in unexpected trajectories. “After You” is a dreamy ode where the vocals fizzle over the retro production, letting you step aside and see your life from different time perspectives. For anyone in a transitional life stage, “After You” resonates all the emotions of hope and doubt that comes with going towards the unknown:

“’After You’ alternates between hope and crippling fear of change. It’s a song about seeing the road you’re on while also looking out at the paths or exits spread before you. It embraces the exhilaration of leaning into the unknown and asking yourself if you should take that leap.” shared the band.

The track is from the quartet’s upcoming EP Vistalite, which will be out on July 19th. They’ll be playing some shows next month, so go see them:

July 18 – Brooklyn, NY @ Market Hotel (Record Release Show) (w/ TOLEDO)

July 20 – Seattle, WA @ Capitol Hill Block Party