Annprincess Speaks To Our Primitive Dance Desires With “Wild Things”

Dance pop

Photo: Courtesy of Quite Great PR

Annprincess triggers our innate desire to dance in new single “Wild Things,” where we see her army of choreographers let her vocals and beats dictate their motions. The song itself offers a groovy fluidity where Annprincess’ deep-cutting vocals evoke blood-rushing momentums through her pitch elasticity and cathartic notes. The video, directed by Håkon Delbæk, is an all-female cast that embraces the freedom of expression through movement and indulgence. Watch below:

Annprincess was originally born in Liberia but fled to Norway as a refugee at the age of seven. She is one of the ten children of Prince Yormie Johnson, who is notorious for killing anyone who opposed his views and was one of the main figures of the first Liberian Civil War (1989-1997). Anneprincess’ own mother was imprisoned several times for her political opposition to him, which eventually caused her to flee Liberia and find sanctuary in Norway with her daughter. Now, Anneprincess is currently living in Norway where she is balancing multiple jobs in addition to her musical career. The gal will be playing live in the next upcoming weeks, so don’t miss her:

6/21 – Festival Uten Navn (Oso, Norway)

7/4 – Taket Steen & Strøm (Oslo, Norway)