Alfie Templeman Tops The Groovitude Scale With His EP ‘Sunday Morning Cereal’

Alternative, sorta

Photo: Blackksocks

Alfie Templeman is a genre-fluid music prodigy who is only 16 but makes studdliest sound ever. His debut EP Sunday Morning Cereal, which is out now on Chess Club Records, is completely self-produced but sounds way too intricate and polished to be a dilettante’s work. Through dripping keys and classy vibrato, the opener “Stop Thinking (About Me)” immediately seizes your ears with its retro aura.

“Tragic Love” is a midtempo dance where Alfie delights you with a doomed relationship where Alfie chants “Now I’m feeling so empty” as he longs for the presence of a past lover. It’s ‘heartbreaking’ but the stomping drums and gliding strings almost celebrates your self-imposed tragedy. With “Sunday Morning Cereal,” Alfie throws some funk infusions keeping his lyrical variety at minimum. The closing track “Busy,” is a slo-mo track where Alfie wraps up the EP in a quiet introspection of longing:

“There’s a lot of RnB and Indie coming together in this record. I wanted to experiment a little more with groovy drum beats and ‘90s hip hop synths while keeping the indie slacker vibe of my first EP.” Alfie explained. “Recording this was a big milestone for me. I was in a bit of an emotional frenzy from leaving school but I was just as excited to move on and face full-time musicianship, too. It was the last time I’d write songs sat in the classroom while I was meant to be learning surds or something in Maths. There was a lot of butterflies floating around my stomach just thinking about how life was about to change so much in so little time.”

The only Maths that Alfie should learn is adding, subtracting, some multiplication, very mild division, and finding 15-20% so he can tip properly and file his taxes. That’s all the Maths he needs in his life.

You can catch Alfie live in the upcoming weeks:

22 Jun | Esquires, Bedford (EP launch party)

26 – 28 Jul | Truck Festival, Oxfordshire

12 Oct | Neighbourhood Festival, Manchester

2 Nov | Mirrors, London