Cones’ “Moonstone” Is A Galactic Mission Of Imagination & Longing

“Back to you Caroline…”

Photo: Roman Koval

LA-based sibling duo Cones takes us on another abstract journey with their latest video “Moonstone” where they rocket us to space through noodling visuals. There is a sense of romanticism to it – but not necessarily love-related – where the duo speaks to our inner desire to be somewhere far away from earth…we’ve all experienced this while waiting in DMV or reading the news. “Moonstone” also pulls and stretches our flimsy string of what-if imagination that is tied to our curiosity and haunts us sporadically throughout our existence. What if you chose to do B instead of A? Life in this planet is too complicated sometimes:

“Moonstone” is from the duo’s upcoming debut album Pictures of Pictures, which will be out on September 20th via Dangerbird. If you have Internet, you can pre-order/save it here.