Paper Lions’ “Rhythm & Gold” Is Dedicated To All Your First-Times

Indie pop

Photo: Jared Doye

Indie pop quartet Paper Lions encapsulates the sparkling novelty and irreplaceably bliss of first time – think of first time you ate pizza, fell in love, discovered your favorite band, etc. – in new single “Rhythm & Gold.” Through delicately fingerpicked strings and sparkling keys, Paper Lions examines the thundering rush our reward center experiences when something colossally novel strikes us. It’s a feeling we always try to replicate, but only happens in limited amounts that often feel too short:

“‘Rhythm & Gold’ tries to capture the excitement and fun of falling for the first time,” explains vocalist John MacPhee. “Falling in love with music, falling in love with someone special and discovering your own freedom for the first time. The early excitement of starting a band can feel a lot like the thrill of an early romance and it seemed like a natural way to tap into the origin story of Paper Lions.”

The track is from the quartet’s upcoming album, which will be out this October. Formed in 2004, Paper Lions has been topping Billboard charts and amassing millions of streams for the past fifteen years. Currently working on their album, the band will be sharing more singles in the upcoming months.