Siddhartha’s “Me Hace Falta” Makes Us Question The Authenticity Of Our Memories

Chapter 2 of the series

Still from Siddhartha – Me Hace Falta (Cap. 2) YouTube

If you’ve been following Siddhartha, he’s been releasing a series of music videos that cryptically tell the story of two lovers and the way memories can get distorted from a one-sided perspective. Chapter 1 of the series, “Algún Día” (“One Day”), depicted a woman leaving his lover behind while he looked for her desperately. To make things even more enigmatic, Siddhartha followed the first chapter with Chapter 3, “Película” (“Film”), where we saw the man watching clips of his relationship with his lover, who is no longer with him. Today, Siddhartha has released the second chapter, “Me Hace Falta” (“I Need”), where we see the man create the film of his relationship according to his memory. The series as a whole explores the thematic concept of memories and how the fragments that we remember are questionably authentic. Watch below:

The track is from Siddhartha’s latest EP Memoria Futuro (Memory Future), which you can stream below:

Siddhartha currently wrapped up his North America tour, but stay tuned for more upcoming dates:

7/6 – Zapal 2019 (Saltillo, Mexico)

12/6 – Auditorio Nacional (Mexico City, Mexico)