Weslee Spread Their Urbanphilia In “London Love”


Still from Weslee – London Love (Music Video)

R&B duo Weslee pays homage to London in their new video “London Love” where they take us to the various parts of the world-renowned cosmopolis through the lens of different characters. Directed by Vasilisa Forbes, “London Love” captures the youth and the spirit of the city that has a life of its own. The track kicks off with the acoustic vocals of Emma DD as the thrumming percussions and echoing samples morph into a semi-minimalistic rhythm that is frayed with smoky edges. Through witty lyrical wordplay, the duo radiate their own sass through the satirical urban personas that they build. Enjoy:

Comprised of vocalist Emma DD and producer Josh Grant, Weslee formed when the duo met by serendipity in New York back in 2014. Their moniker is named after Emma’s childhood pet, which was a terrapin (small turtle). The duo broke into the scene with their debut track “Gassed,” which was featured on FX’s series You’re The Worst. Since then, their works have been sued in other TV shows and they’ve supported other artists such as Jessie Ware. The duo is currently working on new music, so stay tuned.