Teddi Gold Toys With Cyberworld & Real Life Romance In “Video Games”


Artwork courtesy of Working Brilliantly PR

Coated with the glossiness of mainstream pop, Teddi Gold’s “Video Games” stands out with its subtle inflections of groove twists that reminds you of your favorite childhood game and crush. Built on an assortment of playful wordplay, the track interchangeably jumps between sweet emotive passages to gaming references that toys with the notion that romance can be as fun and tricky as video games. Stream below:

Teddi describes her music as being “intentionally designed to be a Trojan horse for serious themes to infiltrate the listener’s unconscious,” she continues, “The idea is to wrap these weighty subjects in a digestible format.”

“Video Games” is from Teddi’s self-titled EP, which will be out on August 16. The gal will be playing some shows and dropping two new singles soon, so be on the lookout:

7/7 – The Hotel Café (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

7/12 – The Peppermint Club (Los Angeles, CA, USA)