Adam French Takes Us On An Ominous Waltz With Hope In “Slow Dancing”

Indie pop

Photo: Courtesy of Lucid Group

UK artist Adam French takes us on a tricky, self-dooming dance of resetting a relationship in his latest pop piece “Slow Dancing.” It’s a track that radiates the optimism and hope of going back to your ex (almost ex), but has the premonitory undertones of imminent disaster that will be striking in the future. Through gently deceiving midtempo, “Slow Dancing” takes a semi-acoustic trajectory where Adam uses minimalism to capture both the hope and silent chaos that comes with the reset button. Enjoy:

“‘Slow dancing’ is a song about resetting the clock, re-starting a relationship and giving each other the chance to care again. Forgiveness and understanding with a hint of self-destruction,” explained Adam.

Be on the lookout for more goodies from Adam in the upcoming months.