Love X Stereo Makes Indietronica Music That Tops The Swagability Scale

Meet the Seoul duo

Photo: Manchul Kim

Great things happen when you’re fucking around SoundCloud with coffee and vodka at 3am in the morning in search of music that doesn’t sound like algorithm-fed lamestream. We were cruising through gazillion songs, feeling drunkenly awake when we stumbled across a South Korean duo named Love X Stereo. Their sound is starry indietronica sprayed with psychedelic hues that yield an ethereal drunken euphoria – as if you’ve been feasting on soju while flying somewhere outerspace. Check out their music video “Zero One”:

Annnd “Instalove” where the duo reflect on the short-lived nature of modern relationships:

Comprised of Annie Ko (vocals, synthesizers) and Toby Hwang (guitar, bass, synthesizers, production), Love X Stereo formed back in 2011. Toby is a former skater whereas Annie is an astrophysicist and while their backgrounds sound like a juxtaposition, the duo’s love for intergalactic and starry music has led them in releasing various records, worldwide tours, and various awards. You can catch the duo live if you happen to be in Seoul tomorrow:

6/28 – Cyber Party (Seoul, South Korea)