Tusks Admits That New Relationships Are Stressfully Exciting In “Be Mine”

Cinematic pop

Still from Tusks – Be Mine (Official Music Video) YouTube

London artist Tusks navigates through the stressfully blissful and tacky labyrinth of new relationships in her new single “Be Mine.” The track is drenched with cinematic echoes of Tusks repetitively asking the question “Do you want to be mine?” as the flood of riffs and throbbing drumbeats model the intensity we find ourselves in that stage. The video shows Tusks wandering through a maze as the gal shuffles through the heart-fluttering uncertainty that comes with being with someone new:

“We wanted the video to compliment the contrasts in the song between the verses and choruses and highlight the change between feeling curious and unsure to suddenly being really loud and in your face” shared Tusks.

The track is from Tusks’ sophomore album Avalanche, which was released back in June 14th. The gal will be playing various shows this fall, so go see her:

9/17 – Lido (Berlin, Germany)

9/18 – Zoom (Frankfurt, Germany)

9/18-21 – Reeperbahn Festival (Hamburg, Germany)

11/26 – Village Underground (London, UK)