Elio’s “Babyfool” Is For All Of Us Who Lose 50 IQ Points Thanks To Love

Smooth synthpop

Photo: Courtesy of Cent Pour Cent

LA-based duo Elio taps into the hopelessly cheesy effect that love can have on us in their smooth single “Babyfool.” Like its title, the lyrics hover over the childish effect that someone else can have on our brain – no matter how smart you’re, it makes you act as if you’re 50 IQ points below your average intelligence. The song stretches with wheezy synths within the pastel atmospherics that accompany the starry vocals. It’s a guilty indulgence and admits the cheesy absurdities we secretly enjoy when it comes to this emotional territory:

Elio is the collaborative project of artists Harmless (Nacho Cano) and Onsen (Drew Straus) who combine their queer and Mexican roots into their sound that allows them – and us – to explore different backgrounds and identities. The duo will be releasing more songs soon, so stay tuned.