Lontalius’ “Make My Dreams Come True” Is A Smooth Snapshot Of Our Desire For Change

“I’ve been stuck in old ways / I’ve been lost in old ways”

Photo: Courtesy of Kartel Music Group

New Zealand-based artist Lontalius (aka Eddie Johnston) brings us a smooth indie jam to daydream titled “Make My Dreams Come True.” Co-written with Roy Blair and Mr Hudson, the track takes off with a smooth billowing riffs that transcends with intensity as Lontalius pours out heart-professing words, “As long as I am with him / This dream I won’t forget As long as I am with him / This love I can’t forget.” It’s a wistful track where Lontalius taps into our desire for change and yearning for someone. Stream below:

Lontalius broke into the scene with his debut album I’ll Forget 17, which was largely influenced by his teen years. Now the Aussie artist is taking a more mature trajectory with his latest single “Make My Dreams Come True,” a glimpse of his upcoming sophomore album. “I’m not aiming for stadiums but the music I love the most is the most accessible,” he shared.

More details of his second album will be coming soon.