Ryan Caraveo Teaches Us First Degree Heartbreak In “Murda”

“For some reason your name is ‘Domino’s Pizza’”

Photo: Anastasia Velicescu & Connor Jalbert

Seattle-born artist Ryan Caraveo shows us what first degree heart murder is like in his video “Murda.” Directed by Brume, “Murda” shows Ryan in all possible forms of torture before he gets buried. The video is a metaphorical depiction of getting involved in a self-destructive relationship and does a clever job of not depicting the murderer, implying how often times we’re responsible for our own heartache by getting involved with someone who is a clearly a ticking bomb. Enjoy:

“We’ve all been in a toxic relationship, one where someone confesses their love for you but for some reason your name is ‘Domino’s Pizza’ in their phone,” explained Caraveo. “This song is about that shit.”

At least it’s not Pizza Hut. Before you troll us about corporate pizzas, Ryan recently wrapped up his tour with Dennis Lloyd and is currently working on more music. So keep your ears out.