Souly Had’s “Paradise” Is A Groovy Cocktail Of Electropical & Trip-Hop

A heavenly slice

Photo: Courtesy of Island Records

Summer is here, which means a lot of the songs that lamestream is breeding follows the algorithm-fed model: simple rhythm with sharp hooks that try to ‘boost’ your mood. And as much as we love indulging in lamestream formula, we need a mood-stabilizing song that can help us smooth out our overdose of clichés. Souly Had’s “Paradis” is that refreshing song that helps you to chillax while still being in the flow. It exudes a laidback vibe, but is filled with the rap-centric choruses of Souly who keeps your adrenalins going. With tints of electropical elements, “Paradise” feels like a heavenly slice from all the summer pop songs that keep frying our ears:

Originally from Duanesburg, NY, Souly is the member of the hip-hop collective Entreband. Souly first started by performing at local rap shows at the age of 16 and began experimenting with R&B and hip-hop after joining Entreband. After releasing his 2017 single “Déjà vu” (which garnered more than 10k plays within 24 hours), Souly decided to drop out of school and fully pursue his musical career. Now with more than 40 million global streams, Souly has been making waves across radio and building listeners worldwide. “Paradise” is from Souly’s upcoming debut EP, which he’ll be sharing more details soon.