Maude Latour’s “Starsick” Is A Reflection Of Revolution From Micro To Macro Level


Photo: Erica Hernandez

Maude Latour takes us on a philosophical journey of self-refection and discovery in her latest single “Starsick.” The track serves as a snapshot of the spirit of the 19-year-old gal who is going through a transitional stage of her life. It is also an ode to her best friend, where Maude reflects on the layers of their friendship. With its effervescent beats and silvery vocals, “Starsick” has a dreamy aura to it that sets you in a meditative mode:

Currently a student at Columbia University, Maude was raised by journalist parents and has lived around the world (London, Stockholm, Hong Kong). She is fluent in both Dutch and Mandarin and is currently studying philosophy and political science. “Starsick,” which was produced by Alexander 23, is a glimpse of what Maude has in store for us this year. In regards to her new single, the gal shared:

“Starsick” is everything I have ever tried to say. This song is the epitome of who I am and what I am looking for. I have never loved a song of mine more. I am so scared and excited to put it out into the world.

The notion of the word “starsick” came to me while I was at Joshua Tree, lying on the roof of a rental car staring at a sea of stars. I was intoxicated with the Milky Way, and that just about describes who I am. As a kid, I was haunted by the concept of black holes. For just a few seconds, I could fully grasp what nothingness really meant. It was my deepest fear as a child, much like other kids who were viciously aware of death at a young age. Nothingness, a void, loneliness, the fickleness of life; they all haunted me with every step.

Of course, with age, my perspective has morphed more than it has changed completely. But I’ve come to realize these dark moments of existential panic are a gift; perhaps some conversation with the universe, whom I refer to as “God” in “Starsick,” and most definitely a window into transcendence. These extreme instances of loneliness are what also give me the highest moments in which I feel like a conduit between the earth and the heavens: the moments where I am driving with the windows down along the FDR, the last night of summer, days on end in Central Park with my best friend. These moments of lows and highs come from the same galaxy: the mind’s deep understanding of transcendence.

This song was a birthday gift to my best friend, Morgan, hence the undertones of turning 19. This song is an ode to her. She is the person with whom I immediately feel this power. She sees the universe the same way that I do. My soulmate. The song includes the guilt I’ve always felt around growing up; a loss of childhood that gets replaced by a pact to never be boring.

And finally, this song is the birth of the Revolution. The Revolution started as a high school brainchild of Morgan’s and mine: a pact we made (and tried to spread to our entire high school) to never be boring. Not for one second. But over the years, the Revolution has started to mean more and more to me. Not only is it a promise to give into totally honest self-expression, but it’s the promise to tell your crush you love them. It’s the idea of practicing complete and utter empathy. The Revolution is the concept that everyone’s primary goal in life should be mindfulness and empathy, and defining your own spirituality based on total love for yourself and others. It starts in your own heart: self-love, growing your confidence (not ego), and sharing your secrets with the world (there is nothing that another human shouldn’t understand). It is to question your own beliefs, and learn to question everything around you. Next, the Revolution calls for your own mind to bend and try to grasp the thoughts of others. It is about putting humanity back into politics and humanizing those we disagree with so that we can recognize our shared condition.

My life will be dedicated to building a new religion, a philosophy, a way of life. In my shows, I try to make the room a space to touch that transcendence. My dream is to rebuild our political world into a humanized space conducive to the human condition of the individual. I know that there is something changing in the world — a consciousness revolution that is inevitable and erupting from the seams of humanity. We are ready for peace. We are ready for love.

The end of the song is me on my knees. Pleading. Pleading in pain, gratitude, and awe — a total sense of wonderment at our world. I hope this song has an effect on others that’s even a fraction of the effect it has on me. This song is my bible; it is everything to me.