Raised On TV Dumps The Internet To Rediscover Themselves In “Soul On Fire”

Alternative rock

Photo: Alex Gomez

One of our writers practices the art of herbanism as a means to ‘reconnect’ with oneself and nature while using minimum use of technology. This person goes to forests and mountains and shit where s/he get C+ signal (like enough to call 911 but not to Instagram) to think without any distractions. It sounds pretty nuts, but if you live in a city infested with other people’s thoughts and technology, this is necessary for your own sanity. LA-based trio Raised on TV nudges us to abandon technology to connect with our human side in their latest single “Soul On Fire.” With its blazing beats and showering choruses, the trio fantasizes about throwing our cell phones away and going MIA in the cyberworld. The song is filled with cathartic instances where the trio lets us vicariously release all the frustrations and distractioins that we’ve hoarded from our endless feeds and hashtags. Enjoy:

“It’s about the fantasy of throwing your cell phone literally out the window, which is one of the lines in the song, and not caring whatsoever, which has become so hard to imagine,” shared the band.

Comprised of Keaton Rogers (guitar, vocals), Kacey Greenwood (drums) and Ryan Weiss (bass), Raised on TV broke into the scene with their debut album Season 1, which captured the early stages of adulthood. “Soul On Fire” is from the trio’s upcoming albumSeason 2. You can catch the trio onstage this summer:

Photo: Raised on TV Facebook