Goth Babe Is A Free-Spirited Herban Artist Who Makes Solar-Powered Music

And they’re pure euphony

Artwork: Goth Babe Instagram

When you hear ‘Goth Babe’ you may imagine some metal band drenched with Kat Von D’s eyeliners while wearing spikes. But it’s actually the moniker of a dude named Griff Washburn who makes chillwave music that transports you to the wombs of Mother Nature. Griff is not just an artist – he’s a nomadic herban. He lives in his 1996 Ford F-250 with his dog Sadie and makes music in the back of his camper, which is fueled by solar power. When he’s not songsmithing, he’s climbing up mountains, camping, surfing, playing with Sadie, and living a carefree life, which we’ve been stalking for hours on his Instagram. His latest single “Imaginationcy” is auditory therapy that lets you unleash any mental block through its spacious echoes and freeform instrumentation that waft through an ethereal channel of lush atmospherics. Enjoy:

Goth Babe will be playing various shows in selected cities, so don’t miss him:

7/28 – MoPop Fest (Michigan, DE, USA)

8/22 – Great American Music Hall (San Francisco, CA, USA)

9/5 – The Fillmore Philadelphia (Philadelphia, PA, USA)

9/6 – Elsewhere (Brooklyn, NY, USA)