Board Of Bandits’ “Soulmates” Is Wistful Indie Track For Lazy Afternoons


Photo: Ola Berneli

Swedish quartet Board of Bandits takes us on a mind-wandering flight with their latest single “Soulmates” where they shower us with an undeniable feeling of longing. Through thrumming percussions and gossamer chords, “Soulmates” delivers a smooth shortcut to escapism. Enjoy:

Hailing from Malmö, Sweden, Board of Bandits are comprised of Sara (bass), Petter (drums), Kristofer (guitar), and John (vocals/guitar). The band started as an indie-folk project of John back in 2014, who later expanded the band to what it is today. The quartet is known for infusing Nordic melancholia into their folk sound, which is perfect if you’re looking for dreamy introspective soundscape.