Crash Adams’ “Astronauts” Is Extraterrestrial Pop

What aliens listen to for motivation

With rocketing synths and cosmic-sized choruses, Canadian duo Crash Adams takes us on an extraterrestrial mission in their latest single “Astronauts.” The track reflects on the limited nature of time and the human desire to make the best use of it. Listen, if you’ve been munching Cheetos and binge-watching TV shows this summer break or funemployment, this is a track that slaps you with the euphonious reminder that “We’re running out of time.” So put some pants on and blast “Astronauts” while you start plotting your world domination:

Comprised of childhood cronies Rafaele Massarelli and Vince Sasso, Crash Adams is a Toronto-based duo who make cosmic pop music straight out of their uncle’s recording studio. The duo is either making more music or Instagramming their alien OOTD right now…most likely the latter.