Damen’s “I’ll Be Waiting For It” Is Wistful Indie Rock That Will Help You Master Patience

Indie rock dipped in shoegaze

Photo: Damen Facebook

Swedish quartet Damen offers us a cushioning soundscape to shuffle through our thoughts while practicing the art of patience via their single “I’ll Be Waiting For It.” The song at its core is indie rock, but the quartet add a gauzy layer to it that evokes a shoegaze vibe. The propulsive basslines yield an adhesive riffage that is effortlessly dynamic and hits you with a broody breeze. Enjoy:

Comprised of friends Danial Bin Ismail, Gustav Bondesson, David Nordell, and Adrian Gejrot, Damen has been making their names in the indie soundscape of Sweden. Damen, which means ‘the lady’ in Swedish, is named after a dock that is located in the Gothenburg harbor. They’re currently working on a new album.