Home Is A Mental State In Harlequin Gold’s “Take Me Home”

Indie pop

Photo: Harlequin Gold Facebook

Canadian duo Harlequin Gold redefines the concept of home in their latest indie pop single “Take Me Home.” Through effervescent keyboard and choral echoes, “Take Me Home” hovers over the familiar sense of longing and restlessness that comes with finding our own space. For all of us who had our fair share of nomadic lifestyle, this is a track that we can find comfort in:

“‘Take Me Home’ is about how time will chisel and change you until eventually you’re not the person you once were. Home is no longer a place but a state of mind and what used to scare you suddenly becomes your refuge,” shared the duo.

Comprised of sibling duo Avery and Elle O’Brien, Harlequin Gold is currently working on their debut EP. They’ll be playing several shows across Vancouver this summer, so go see them:

7/6 – Khatsahlano Street Party (Vancouver, Canada)

7/25 – Jam In Jubilee (Abbotsford, Canada)

9/14 – Westward Music Festival (Vancouver, Canada)