Selmer’s “Thinkin’ Freely” Is For Chill Lovers Out There

Beach pop from Norway

Photo: Fredrik F. Harper

Norwegian six-piece act Selmer delivers the ultimate love song for chill romanticism titled “Thinkin Freely.” As implied by its title, the song explores intimacy from a lighthearted perspective where Selmer places us into the shoes of a laidback individual in search of another lover of his/her ilk. Airlifted with coastal vibe, “Thinkin’ Freely” has sunny inflections that amplify its playful tone. Directed by Julian Karlsson & Herman Friis, the video shows Selmer in the clouds in retro cinematic aesthetics:

Comprised of Julian Karlsson (vocal), Sivert Bjørgum (guitar), Iver Armand Tandsether (guitar), Mats Jøger (keys), Henrik Bakken (bass), and Erlend Sandegren Hisdal (drums), Selmer describe themselves as ‘nice guys’ – which is kinda credible thanks to their breezy sound. But if you want to be 100% sure of this, then go hang out with them in August:

8/6 – Røvrstaden (Oslo, Norway)