Seramic Blends Artistry With Athleticism In “Angeline”


Photo: Courtesy of Whiteboard PR

London artist Seramic captures femme power through choreography in new video “Angeline” where we see different female athletes showcase their physical prowess as they indulge into the rhythm. Co-written with Chris Stracey, “Angline” is a marching pop anthem that is perfect when you’re about to kick ass – both figuratively and literally:

In regards to the video, Seramic shared:

“I wanted to be really ambitious and make something epic with this video as Angeline is one of my favourite songs. To continue some of the themes in my previous work depicting strong women, dancing and sports locations, we had the idea of shooting something in a stadium and were so excited when we found Lee Valley Athletics centre.  I had previously worked with two out of the three leads in the video; Anna Kay-Gayle (Keep On Breaking my Heart) and Jessie Jing (Same Mistakes). I hadn’t worked with Erin Jameson before but it was something I was really keen to do for some while and ultimately, managing to cast the three of them as the central characters was incredibly exciting

It’s also the first video I have made where I utilised my sculptural practice. I made all of these trophies, medals and banners in the first and last shot out of dumpling steamers, objects, ribbon and Kazoos. The video was co-directed by Guy Gotto.”