Tender Tones Takes Us On A State Of Chimeric Melancholia In New Single “In Dreamed Lives”

Shoegaze meets synthpop

Photo: Tender Tones Facebook

Paris-based duo Tender Tones makes theatrical synthpop music that reminds you of the likes of Beach House. It’s sonic backbone is pop that has been coated with the rich meatiness of synthesizers and full-blooded waves of percussions that burbles up, swallows, and leaves you in above the ground. The duo’s latest single “In Dreamed Lives” is smudged with booming beats that at times feel dissonant, merged, and mostly otherworldly – stream below:

Comprised of Maxime Pargaud and Manon Deruytere, Tender Tones makes music that feels like it’s been made in another dimension. Their work ranges from electropop to smooth disco where the duo isn’t afraid to draw other genres.