The Black Fever’s EP ‘Unarticulated Wants’ Is Post-Punk On Point

An indulgence

Photo: The Black Fever Facebook

As we get bombarded by endless commercial pop music that celebrate summer romance ad nauseum, it’s necessary to build an arsenal of post-punk music that give us a breather. To our delight, we found Toronto-based act The Black Fever who recently released their EP Unarticulated Wants. The five-track record has everything that you could hope from a moody post-punk record: an slow-burning opener titled “Cold Open” that feels perfect for a solo dance. “Kettling” and “Keep You” fuels you with its steady propulsive drumbeats and guitar strikes where the cathartic choruses lets you vicariously pour out whatever you’ve been hoarding and has been burning you inside. In “No Work,” the band takes us on a meditative dilemma between money and freedom. But the best track is “Marketing” filled with its wheezy chords and moody tension of our ad-saturated, self-promo generation:

Comprised of Shoe (vocals, guitar), Pat Bramm (bass, back-up vocals), and Dan Purpura (drums), the band broke into the scene with their debut record Romanticism back in 2010. Unarticulated Wants was released on June 14 and was produced by Ian Gomes (Fake Palms, Greys, Teenager) at Union Sound Company in Toronto.