The Land Below’s “Walk Like Nothing” Is Guitar-Powered Pop Bliss

And it’s delightful

Photo: The Land Below Facebook

Swedish artist The Land Below sends us seismic strums of hypnotic strings and synth lines with his single “Walk Like Nothing.” There is a breathy fluidity to the track that you can’t help but dive in as the glittering chords and vocal harmonies sweeps you off to a guitar-made rapture. Enjoy:

Erik Lindestad is the maestro behind The Land Below, who is also the former member of Stockholm duo Wild At Heart. Now based in Malmö, Erik released has debut album under his new moniker back in 2015 and has been building buzz across the Swedish pop scene. “Walk Like Nothing” is from The Land Below’s latest record Whatever Comes, We’ll Hold the Line, which was released back in June 7 of this year and can be streamed below: