keshi’s ‘skeletons’ Is A Record Of Post-Millennium Existentialism

Lo-fi indietronica

Photo: Courtesy of Island Records

Houston artist keshi takes us through the tribulations and lessons that modern Millennials/Gen Zs go through in his new EP skeletons, out now via Island Records. It’s a lo-fi indietronic portrait that highlights the fear of monotony and youthful hope that speaks to our modern generation. Enjoy:

Check out his new video “summer”:

“whereas the reaper was melodramatic in a romantic sort of way, skeletons is melodra­ma­tic in a grown-up sort of way. a lot of people my age are trying to figure out how to live life on their own after graduating college, getting jobs, and moving out. the transition sucks. you realize the real world isn’t what you thought,” shared keshi. “when you hear me, i want you to realize it’s okay to be vulnerable. all of my skeletons are out for the taking, so don’t be ashamed of yours. i’m being as real as i can be. the closer it is to my heart, the closer it is to everyone else’s hearts.”

Casey Luong is the maestro behind keshi who has been making music at the age of 12. He credits his initial love for songsmithing to his grandfather who had a “fat classical guitar” and a Vietnamese music book. As a kid, Casey spent his time “sitting in front of the computer for hours on end every day” honing his production skills. After graduating from high school, keshi worked as a registered nurse and tended patients who were diagnosed with cancer. His EP skeletons is influenced by his “exhaustion with my routine as a nurse and wanting something more.”

In between shifts, keshi started composing and eventually built a wide fanbase with viral songs like “over u” and “just friends”, which garnered millions of streams on Spotify. His 2018 breakout EP, the reaper, gained critical acclaim and led him to signing to Island Records. skeletons was entirely self-written, performed, and produced – no joke.