Sadie Cannon’s “The Yacht Song” Ft. MILES Is The Self-Ode Anthem To Cleanse Away The Haters

“Bitch, I’m the shit”

Photo: Courtesy of the artist

LA-based artist Sadie Cannon delivers the ultimate cleansing antidote against all the haters and trolls titled “The Yacht Song” ft. MILES – but instead of directly flushing out the negativity, she does so in a passive aggressive fashion by spreading me-love. “The Yacht Song” is a graceful blend of pop and hip hop where we see Sadie and MILES showcase their swag on a yacht. It’s a mood-booster and makes you weirdly want to buy a yacht…like right now:

Originally from Florida, Sadie moved to Nashville after graduating from high school and spent two years honing her songsmithing skills. She eventually moved to LA where she is now residing and making music that helps you cleanse away haters and makes you wanna buy things you’ve never thought of…