Borderland State Sends Us To A State Of Bliss With “Say It”

EDM meets dream pop

Photo: Courtesy of Exist. Recordings

Aussie artist Borderland State suspends us into an ambient soundscape that feels like it was crafted from another dimension in his latest single “Say It.” Sharpened with the upbeat edge of EDM, “Say It” is built on a lush, pastel atmosphere where the synthesizers kick up clouds of moody abstractions. Between breathy echoes and smoky choruses, “Say It” swells with celestial bliss:

Luke Middleton is the maestro behind Borderland State who has been making buzz after winning the triple j unearthed remix competition last year. Since then he has supported artists such as Crooked Colours, The Kite String Tangle and many more.

“Say It” is out now via Exist. Recordings.