Clubz Spreads Boogie Madness In “Cáile” Ft. Buscabulla

Oozy disco

Photo: Clubz Facebook

We’ve been digging through the Internet for slickly crafted disco songs that are great for a) dancing b) mating and c) buffering shitty music from our roommates. Through serendipitous clicks, we came across Clubz’ latest video “Cáile” Ft. Buscabulla – a highly distracting video that exudes a strange risqué vibe. Maybe it’s the slithery croons of Buscabulla or breakneck grooves weaved with the precision of dance pop, but there is something seductive about “Cáile” that is visceral. The track captures the restlessness and madness of wanting to be with someone who isn’t giving in easily. Enjoy:

Clubz will be launching their Supervisión Tour with Girl Ultra starting next month. Go holla at them:

North America 2019

8/8 – Landó Foro Centro (Toluca, Mexico)

8/9 – The Pit (Cuernavaca, Mexico)

8/10 – El Lobo Estepario (Pachuca de Soto, Mexico)

8/15 – Rocksi Bar (Aguascalientes, Mexico)

8/16 – Rey Compadre (León, Mexico)

8/17 – La Glotoneria (Queretaro, Mexico)

8/22 – Beat 803 (Puebla de Zaragoza, Mexico)

8/23 – Unknown venue (Oaxaca, Mexico)

9/4 – Knitting Factory (Brooklyn, NY, USA)

9/5 – Unknown venue (Washington, IA, USA)

9/6 – Purgatory at The Masquerade (Atlanta, GA, USA)

9/8 – Scout Bar (Houston , TX, USA)

9/10 – Trees (Dallas, TX, USA)

9/11 – The Rock Box (San Antonio, TX, USA)

9/12 – Cine El Rey (McAllen, TX, USA)

9/13 – Lowbrow Palace (El Paso, TX, USA)

9/15 – The Crescent Ballroom (Phoenix, AZ, USA)

9/16 – The Casbah (San Diego, CA, USA)

9/17 – Regent Theater (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

9/18 – Slim’s (San Francisco, CA, USA)

9/20 – 191 Toole (Tucson, AZ, USA)