Ead Wood & The Heights’ “Plum Cake” Is Your Anti-Anxiety Pill For Daily Indecisions

Just flip the coin while listening to this

Photo: John Dixon

Bristol-based artist Ead Wood joins forces with The Heights (aka Margot) to deliver us with the ultimate anti-anxiety song titled “Plum Cake.” Funny enough, this jaunty pop actually dissects our own anxiety that we get from our daily indecisions. But the heart-throbbing rhythm and swishing synths exhibit a deceiving form of romanticism that helps us to calm down and see our own indecisive nature from a brighter perspective. Produced by Ben Andrewes, “Plum Cake” is what you should listen to when flipping the coin:

“Plum Cake is written about my lack of decision making. Especially when it comes down to those small everyday insignificant choices that really don’t matter, but I just cant decide,” shared Ead. “The title came as I was playing the song for one of the first times in Munich last summer and typically I couldn’t decide on a name for the track. I asked the audience if anyone had any ideas for a title and to shout them out at the end. As the song finished I asked again, no one replied as half the crowd was eating cake, I asked what the cake was and they shouted Special Bavarian Plum Cake, and there’s the title!”

Now, go eat some zwetschgen datchi.