Oyster Kids Spreads Their Love For Mindfulness In “Work It Out”

Indie pop

Photo: Courtesy of the artist

When it comes to time management, we generally suck at it. We’re either regretting the past (liberal arts degree) or idealizing the future (flying cars, fuck yeah!) while half-assing the present. LA-based band Oyster Kids wants you to stop jumping between tenses and stay in the present with their latest single “Work It Out” – a perky indie pop single where the bouncy synth lines and sprinkling keys immerses us into the moment. Stop thinking about tomorrow’s lunch and enjoy being here with this song at this moment:

“‘Work It Out’ is a song about washing away your troubles and living in the moment. There was a lot going on in my life when I wrote this, and I wanted to create something that would take me to a better place” shared Oyster Kids.

Oyster Kids started out as the recording project of Andrew Eapen, who writes, records and produces the music. Onstage and in the studio he is joined by Roy Baum (keyboards), Jonathan Bradley (drums), and Robbie Gullage (bass). Their works hav been soundtracked in popular shows and films such as To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, Shameless, Jane The Virgin, and many more…so if you think they sound familiar, you’re not high. Yet.

“Work It Out” is from their upcoming EP and full-length album that will most likely be out later this year.