Rationale’s “Say What’s On Your Mind” Is A Slick Summer Love Song

And it rolls into your ears with magic

Photo: Courtesy of Whiteboard PR

UK artist Rationale lures us into starry-eyed chillness with his latest single “Say What’s On Your Mind.” Through whispery, breathy vocals, he swaps us into a lush soundscape where lust and romance live in symbiosis. Stream below:

“‘Say What’s On Your Mind’ is probably one of the most organic songs I’ve written in a while. I felt like I had fallen into a pattern of making lots of dynamically big chorus-driven songs, but this time I wanted to create something closer to my origins that felt understated & easy on the ear yet equally laden with a whole lot of groove” shared Rationale.

With three EPs and one album under his belt, Rationale has been garnering radio plays all across the world and played in various festivals. “Say What’s On Your Mind” was co-produced by is long-term collaborator Mark Crew (Best Laid Plans founder and producer of Bastille, Rag’n’Bone).