The New Division’s “Fascination” Is Your Guide To Resuscitating Human Interaction

From digital to carnal

Photo: Courtesy of Force Field PR

With the copious amounts of social media and dating apps that keep bombarding us, the world can feel lonelier than ever. Everybody’s online, but no one’s present IRL. The New Division’s latest video “Fascination” embarks us on a journey of finding real human connection that goes beyond the cyberworld. The video features two people who get connected online, but despite the countless filters and A+ wifi, there is an undeniable sense of isolation that they feel before they actually meet in person. Watch below:

Video narrative aside, “Fascination” was actually inspired by The New Division’s experience as a nomadic touring musician. “I’ve always wanted to write a song that touched on the mental health aspects of being on tour, sleep deprived, and how that starts to mess with your thoughts. The words are a series of lyrics that jotted down on a notepad, which at the time made no sense, but I jotted them down regardless. To me the song is a dream sequence where half of the time I’m enjoying being on the road while the other half I’m kind of hating life, wishing I was home. Touring never feels completely right and never feels completely wrong, and that’s where the fascination aspect of it all comes together. You’re in a constant zombie state where normal life ceases to exist, and your mind begins to adapt to being on the road” shared The New Division.

“Fascination” is from The New Division’s upcoming album Hidden Memories, which he’ll be revealing more details soon.