chloe mk’s Debut EP ‘Fantasy’ Is Internet-Pop For All The Children Of Digital Age

Internet is a wonderful thing

Photo: Courtesy of CentPourCent

If you’re the offspring of the Internet (anyone born after 1991, coz before that it was the Dark Age), then chloe mk’s debut EP Fantasy speaks to your digital existentialism. Crafting melancholic ‘internet-pop’ sound, chloe captures our generational grief for “David Bowie” while also reflects being young from an old soul’s perspective in “To Be Young.” There’s plenty of party inducers like “I Can’t Stop” where she deceivingly imbues us to indulge in the rhythmic collisions while seeping us with a subtle dose of moodiness. In “Praying For Me” she breaks down love beyond its carnal and emotional realm. It’s an EP for our Internet-bred generation who never feels like they’re winning despite being saturated by so much technology:

On her standout single “David Bowie,” chloe explained that it is “about what it feels like to lose someone you actually know, and love, and spend every day with. It’s not poetic…It’s not pretty…It just hurts and there’s no point in acting like it doesn’t.”

Chloe started performing in small Nashville bars and venues before winning The Voicein 2017. Since then, she has moved to New York City and signed to Republic Records.