Corduroy Spaceship Soundtracked All Of Our Emotional Doodles With “About Everything”

Psych pop

Photo: Corduroy Spaceship Facebook

Hailing from Mount Gambier, Australia, Corduroy Spaceship makes psychedelic pop that are flecked with subtle details of coastal pop. His single “About Everything” boils down to the universal sentiment of longing for a partner while exuding the warm Mediterranean breeze via his gauzy melody. With its intricate swirling mixture of percussions, Corduroy teeters on radiant psychedelia where he strains out all the emotional doodles of our desire for intimacy. Enjoy:

“About Everything” is from Corduroy’s debut EP Corduroy Spaceship & The Custard Gumboot, which was released back in May 2019. Check it out:

Torsten Gustavsson is the real mastermind behind Corduroy Spaceship who came up with the moniker back in 2018 after being gifted with a vintage green corduroy shirt. While’s he’s pretty new to the scene, so far he has about everything needed to make playlist-worthy music.