Duncan Fellows Share ‘Eyelids Shut’ & Co-Headline Tour With Sun Seeker

Indie rock

Photo: Grace Lillash

Austin quintet Duncan Fellows has unveiled their EP Eyelids Shut via Level and is a record that ruminates on loss, self-discovery, aging and daily rituals. While you might think the EP dissects somber themes, the strumming melody yields a cheeriness that balances the melancholia that comes with growing pains. Enjoy:

“Our tendency is to sing about the more difficult things we encounter in life, and as we’ve gotten older we’ve experienced heavy things that have added more serious layers to what we do. But at the same time our most popular song is largely about waking up and making breakfast. We definitely talk about straddling that line” shard Dunan Fellows’ frontman Colin Harman.

Duncan Fellows will be embarking on their co-headline tour with Sun Seeker this fall. Go see them:

Courtesy of Grandstand