ELM’s “Paris” Is A Firing Ode To 80s Drag Culture

The strings in this track are mesmerizing

Photo: Courtesy of Lucid Group

Dublin’s quartet ELM sets fire to our ears with their latest single “Paris” – a heart-thumping piece that pays homage to the black, Latino, and LGBTQ heroes of 1980s drag culture in New York. Inspired by Paris Is Burningdocumentary, “Paris” is a heartfelt letter that celebrates one’s own self-expression and sexuality. Built on a an intricate arrangement of gliding strings and velvety vocals, the track emits a hypnotic aura that takes you back to the bold era:

“Knowing the importance of acceptance, whether it’s in person, on a silver screen or through a set of headphones, we wrote ‘Paris’ after watching the documentary Paris Is Burning as an ode to the people who played a role in saving us and as a lifeline to those who need to be reminded that everything will be okay,” shared ELM’s Dylan Walsh.

ELM will be hitting festivals in August, so don’t miss them:

8/17 – The Love Sensation (Dublin, Ireland)

8/25 – Manchester Pride (Manchester, UK)