Siddhartha Defies Time With Eternity In “Cada Vez Que Vuelvas”

“Every time you come back”

Still from Siddhartha – Cada Vez Que Vuelvas (Cap. 4) YouTube

Since releasing his record Memoria Futuro, we’ve been following Siddharthat’s music videos that told an enigmatic story of a couple that hopscotched between different timelines. Putting together the pieces, the story is told through the fragmented memories of the male protagonist. Today, Sidhhartha has unveiled the fourth installment titled “Cada Vez Que Vuelvas” (Every Time You Come Back) which offers a glimpse into the future and the childhood memory of the man with his lover. No matter when and where the protagonist is in, time seem to not wear his emotions off:

Siddhartha has shows coming up in the upcoming weeks, so go see him:

8/1 – Velaria Fenadu (Durango, Mexico)

8/24 – Valley Bar (Phoenix, AZ, USA)

10/18 – Auditorio de la Escuela Normal Veracruzana (Xalapa, Mexico)

12/6 – Auditorio Nacional (Mexico City, Mexico)