Landroid’s Takes Us To Desert Wonderland In “Yellow Sea”

Paranormal punk meets pop

Photo: Landroid

Comprised of Cooper Gillespie and Greg Gordon, Landroid is a duo based in the small desert town of Landers, California where there are currently 2.6k people living. Their latest video “Yellow Sea” offers a fantastical and surreal view of their home where we see a girl get transported into desert wonderland. The track is paranormal punk built with the molecules of dark pop and is embellished with the versatile, pitch-shifting vocals of Cooper that blossoms with puffing ominous euphoria. Watch below:

“‘Yellow Sea’ is a meditation on the hereafter,” shared Cooper.

The track is from the duo’s upcoming record Imperial Dunes, which will be out on September 13th via Mojave Beach Records. The duo will be playing across California this fall, so go see them:

9/14 – Furstworld (Joshua Tree, CA, USA)

9/20 – Firelight Festival (Landers, CA, USA)

10/26 – The Palms (Twentynine Palms, CA, USA)