Saint Best Hybridizes Synthpop & New Wave In Timeless Ways

Meet the Danish quartet

Photo: @josefineberzant

Danish band Saint Best makes electropop that feels anachronistic – often times, you fall into 70s disco pop loop while other times you feel like you’re listening to something from 2070. Describing their sound as a combo of new wave and pop, Saint Best utilizes a pinch of dark moodiness to produce jangly, dance-instigating track. Their most recent release “Stay” is a time-capsule that feels like a banger your progenitors and descendants would party with:

Comprised of Daniel Thoning, Christian Askjær, Mads Jenstrup, and Christian Bonne, Saint Best formed in Copenhagen and cite Joy Division as one of their biggest influences. We haven’t really heard much about them since “Stay,” but so far all of their previous releases are playlist-worthy.