Spirit City Is Slyly Conquering The Pop Culture With Their Music

Coming at you through Spiderman and Harry Potter

Photo: Spirit City Facebook

You wouldn’t believe this, but there are literally three dudes from Provo, UT that are permeating their music in the contemporary pop culture landscape through Marvel’s Spider-Man: Far From Homeand Harry Potter: Wizards Unite game trailer. If you watched Spider-Manalready, then you probably heard of this sweet, sticky af track that permanently settled within your cerebral labyrinth:

Yes, it is this track. And if you haven’t, then we are unapologetically spreading “Free Rider” coz a) it’s too sticky not to share with the world and b) it makes you feel like a Spider-Man…or at least a decade younger. Comprised of Nate Young, Austin Young, and Cori Place, Spirit City describe themselves as an ‘indie pop band from Provo.’ They played their last show back in March last year, but you never know. They could pull another LCD Soundsystem. If there’s anything we learned from musicians is to only take their words literally for the first three months. Beyond that, it’s as unstable as the future of Batman.