cln Captures Nostalgia At Its Best & Worst In “Change My Mind”


Artwork and Press Photos by Callan Alexander

Aussie artist cln, aka Callan Alexander, walk us down to the bittersweet memory lane of nostalgia in his new single “Change My Mind.” There is a swelling moodiness that balances out the dreamy soundscape as cln shuffles through the good and bad memories that we share with people close to us. Enjoy:

“This song is about memories of time spent with people that you love. Sometimes those memories can be bittersweet and can bring on strong feelings of sadness and happiness at the same time,” shared cln.

The track is from cln’s upcoming debut album, which he has been teasing us over the past few months with releases such as “Fade to Grey” and “What I Know.” He hasn’t disclosed any specific release dates yet, but it will be sometime this September. Crossing fingers.