Younger Hunger Wants You To Donate Smiles In New Single “Straight Face”

Unless you got Botox

Photo: Courtesy of Whiteboard PR

LA-based trio Younger Hunger wants to break your resting bitchface and start smiling more in new single “Straight Face.” We’ve all had days when we woke up grumpy yet a simple smile from a stranger has snapped us out of that funk. “Straight Face” is an ode to those who take the effort to pull up the corners of their mouth and flex their orbicularis oculi (that muscle that makes your eye crinkle). It’s a sunny pop single that will make you spread positive vibes:

“Sometimes you realise you’ve gone through the whole day, week or month without smiling.  This tune is a shout-out to the person who changes that,” explained Younger Hunger’s Tony Davia.

The trio formed thanks to their mutual penchant for margaritas, Nintendo 64, and dream of “destroying the world.” When they’re not making music, they’re literally recording themselves destroying things.