J. Human’s “Nameless” Is The Untold Romance Between Hollywood & Misfit

Sassy pop

Photo: J. Human Facebook

Human delineates that bizarre almost surreal scenario when a famous person gets infatuated with a normal person in “Nameless.” It’s playful track where J. Human’s witty lyricism capture the weird labyrinth of dating a celebrity who wants to keep the affair under the covers. Through punchy choruses and sticky minimalistic groove, “Nameless” offers a romcom-worthy scenario that could turn into dark comedy:

Humor aside, the song itself is a metaphor for J. Human’s struggles of being a misfit and how embracing his weirdness became the ultimate solution. But it can also be about that weird romance you had with a famous (or almost famous) person who made your yearly salary off of a single Instagram post. Yes. That’s life.

Joel Heumann is the maestro behind J. Human who is currently based in Nashville. He’ll be playing in San Diego this fall, so go Instagram him:

9/13 – Del Mar Racetrack + Fairgrounds (San Diego, CA, USA)